The following is a pilot that was presented to a client as part of an Online Support Development Initiative

This is a simple prototype to show possibilities for Carto Online Support and training:

How-To video:

This video shows how to complete a procedure. It could be used:

  • To share the knowledge from sernior FSEs to more junior ones and develop systematic procedures of how to do something
  • By on-site users if they have difficulty to perform a support procedure that an engineer wants them to follow

{flvremote width="900" height="720"}http://explic-it.com/BWI/CALI.flv{/flvremote}


Intereractive Computer-Based Training:

This Flash animated presentation asks users to follow steps in a practical way/ This makes it possible for them to learn how to do something while learning a defined process and method. Applicaitons include:

  • Training for new starters before they receive formal clinical training
  • Remote support for non-technical users
  • Development of a Carto University course curriculum and certification


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