How We Work: Because CRM is about Return on Investment: Saving Money AND Making More Money E-mail

Design and implementation

XCIT can help you design an approach tailored to your needs for strategic clients that you can build into your existing CRM system. We will help you define and a clear strategic business case, fit for your organisation and adequate for its timeframes. To do so, you will be taken through XCIT's proven methodologies and report formats for:


  • Collecting and sharing vital knowledge about clients
  • Conducting strategic "brainstorming sessions" on new opportunities and threats
  • Developing firm-wide objectives and action plans
  • Reviewing progress


As CRM is also about saving money, our experience will help you get clear on what you'd lie to have happen early. With a running start and a precise strategic intent, you will now be ready to successfully implementing a practical approach.


A Meaningful Working Prototype

 At XCIT, we believe that, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a realistic working prototype that explains the core of how your final solution is meant to be operating is worth more than that. A lot more actually. Statistics show that 1$ saved at or before business requirement stage translates into an average $600 saving if the change is to be implemented later. So, using a trial and error approach, we will collaborate with you to make sure we 'get it right' before further investing in your CRM systems gets carried out.


Down-To-Earth Interim Solutions

Even with CRM implementations inferring significant changes for your organisation, you need to get on and maintain a sense of "business as usual" for your customers and partners. To ensure this, XCIT can, in addition to the CRM implementation per se, discuss with you a staged interim solution plan that will support the change with a smooth and easy transition, manageable both from the inside and from the outside of your organisation.

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