Customer Relationship Management and the Power of Leverage E-mail

Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world.

There’s only one way to see it: CRM is our life passion.
Em Coste, eXplic-IT Founder

How to handle customers may be the area of business that has gone through the biggest transformation over the last 20 years. Paramount customer service and profitability area given, and do just not suffice anymore. To this, you should now add the needs to:
  • Retrieve customer most meaningful data at the snap of a finger
  • Follow and contribute to a customer information as transactions are generated
  • Monitor these business transactions in real time or close to it
  • Categorise customers strategically and tactically in a way that is meaningful, depending on the analysis made
  • Connecting and integrating data from multiple sources within and without the organisation
  • Offer multi-channel capability: phone, email, fax, website, SMS, face-to-face
  • Be global as well as local
  • Balance formality and the human factor during the customer experience

Over the last 10 years and in more than 30 countries, eXpliC-IT has relentlessly and passionately worked in this industry to help clients to come at ease with the numerous areas of knowledge required to conduct effective CRM.

CRM is our passion. Oh yes! It is. Ask our clients, they will tell you.
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