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Following its Initial Public Offering, Stepstone chose Siebel as the front end to carry its sales, customer service and the management of its clients accounts.


What made the project challenging was the diversity of IT maturity of the Stepstone's offices from one country to the other:

  • The initial Scandinavian countries, where the B2B recruitment business was already mature and profitable, already equipped with an in-house technology which, if sufficient for themselves, couldn't sustain international development and consolidation of the results
  • Other companies purchased by with their own CRM technology who had been purchased by StepStone, whose customer database and processes needed to be integrated to the main architecture.
  • New offices with no technology to sustain the sales development and no tool to guide new hires on an emerging business

What we did

After launching successfully Siebel in the UK, managing the training delivery and a team of 8 junior trainers prepared during a train-the-trainer boot camp, Explic-IT acted as project manager on 2 major roll-outs: Germany (Type b) and c) ) and Austria.

  • In the case of Germany, we came to the conclusion that the tools they had developed during their 3 years of activity were more efficient than what the core configuration could bring to them. Their roll-out was put on hold, waiting for a further more advance release.
  • In Austria, Siebel was the opportunity to put an end to the numerous local sources (Excel spreadsheets, Outlook contact and other personal databases) and give overall visibility to the Country Manager.

During a week-end seminar, we worked with the Senior Management, introducing the concept of strategic CRM and explaining how Siebel could concretely make their life and sales better. In addition, XCIT captured all the market and process country specifics (hierarchical relationships among users, visibility definition, rights and permossions) to create a customised set-up that would still fit in the European guidelines. Finally, we discussed the data migration strategy.

The outcome

4 weeks later, Siebel was up-and-running in the StepStone Vienna office. As a CRM tool streamlining the company's business, it became a mandatory training for the new hires.

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